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white paper which the obama administration told several judges if the sky came out, it would fall because it will reveal secrets is basically a diatribe against the constitution of the united states. it's chilling, eric. it says that a high level u.s. government official, doesn't even say who it is, can strip an american of his constitutionally guaranteed rights and kill him if it's easier to kill him than capture him and if he's imminent danger to national security. no standards whatsoever. that's the power claimed by kings and tyrant bees and its te power specifically denied to any government. if the government wants to interfere with our life, liberty, or property, they have to do it through a jury trial. >> judge, we don't have time to run this out but eric holder, 2009, used almost the exact same case for not waterboarding. am i mistaken? >> you know, eric holder has been all over the place on all of these things. you and i have disagreed on water boarding, but one thing i think we agree with and most of your listeners and viewers agree. the president can't kill someone and c
obama. he would say it in english, not french, but he said the same thing. the president pointed out there's an obligation here that extends way beyond these administrations. >> biden says secretary of state john kerry will meet with the french foreign minister on the issue. some europeans have cheered kerry's confirmation that shows the united states is ready to affect climate change. the president promised to responsible to the threat of climate change but provided few specifics how. it's unlikely a large cap and trade will leave congress, leaving the president with the option of denying a canadian company's permit to build the keystone pipeline through the united states. the state department now under kerry's leadership has yet to approve or disease nye that pipeline's construction. >> want to battle climate change? think spring break. you heard me correctly. a new study out says you can affect global warming by cutting back on work hours like in europe. mark, just spell this out for me. your study says if we work less in america, become more like the europeans there will be less
obama took over and found they were a useful instrument on the war on terror and accelerated them during the last four years whether they're legal is one of the questions that administration has been struggling to answer publicly. they have not engaged as fully with the questions about this as a lot of people would like them to engage. what does the government have power to do. where are the limits? who makes these decisions? very important questions that were important under president bush and under president obama. >> i won't -- in 2009, eric holder at the department of justice said that waterboarding was torture and the president didn't have the right to make that call because he's talking about president bush. yet there's a kill list, "new york times" published a kill list, president obama had a list that he chose who would be targeted with drone strikes for killing. how do they square that circle? if waterboarding is beyond the scope of the president but killing someone is not. >> it raises a moral question, what is more immoral, in the hands of interrogation techniques, torturing a
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)